Tuesday 17 March 2015


A friend recently brought her Nokia Lumia 520 to me,complaining  that she could  not set one of the songs  she  had  on  her  phone  as  a ringtone,I symphathised with her because even though the  default ringtones that come pre-installed on the phone are not  too bad,there comes a  time when you  start  getting  the urge to  tinker  a  bit  by  way  of  changing  your  ringtone  to  something  else like your  favourite  song to  make  it a bit  more personal.This  does  present  a slight problem  though, like  in  my friend's case because  there is no default setting for  doing  that on  the Lumia 520,so i  went  online  to  find  an  answer  as    to how  to  go  about  doing  that,and one  website  mentioned   that  all  you  had  to  do was to use  a  computer to copy  the  song  you want  and  then  paste  it  into  the ringtone  folder on  the phone,so  I  did  that but  there  was  still  a  problem.

The  problem was that  I  was  copying  the  song from the  music  folder on  the  phone  straight to the  ringtone  folder,after  which according  to  the website you  had  to disconnect  the  usb cable from the phone  and  then switch the phone  off  then on again,go to settings,ringtone +sounds,ringtone on the phone where under a new custom folder you would  find  the song  you had  pasted onto the ringtone  folder earlier,however I could  not  find the custom folder.

The workaround  for  this  was  to copy the  song  onto  the  pc  and  then  on  to  the ringtone  folder on the  Lumia  520 and that  was  it! I hope  this  works  for  you too.

Friday 12 September 2014

Not Just A Comedian

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Sunday 10 August 2014

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Wednesday 30 July 2014


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Wednesday 9 July 2014